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Aneesh and Soumajit


Hybrid Protokol have been purveyors of Live Electronic Music since their inception. Leaning heavily on analog hardwares to create all their music and putting on live shows that are 100% Live — they’ve stuck to their guns and have been through thick and thin — trying to carve a space for themselves on the Indian circuit. Recently they have made music for Feature Films, collaborated with Contemporary Dancers and have also played the first Boiler Room in Kolkata.

In addition to leveraging field recordings and ambient soundscapes within their primarily analog studio setting, they perform Live using an array of synthesisers, drum machines, and samplers. Aneesh’s feel for the manipulation of Soumajit’s distinct sounds has led to a unique mix of skills responsible for the punchy, dynamic sounds Hybrid Protokol is known for today.


Having a strong background in North Indian Classical Music, practising & performing for over 16 years, Soumajit gradually shifted focus towards his later discovered love - the synthesiser.


A National Award winning Sound Designer by the day, Aneesh's musicality developed at a young age when he began learning to play the tabla. Electronic music entered his life during his college days, which is when he began fiddling around with music programming softwares in his spare time.


  • Apr 23 2023

    Boiler Room, Indian Summer Tour

    The Grand Ballroom, JW Marriott, Kolkata

  • Dec 9–11 2022

    Magnetic Fields Festival

    Peacock Club, Alsisar Mahal, Jaisalmer

  • Nov 08 2022

    Rasasutra - Interface Festival

    EZCC, Kolkata

  • Nov 04 2022

    Rasasutra - Interface Festival

    India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

  • Sep 23 2022

    Returning Sound #7

    Max Mueller Bhavan, Kolkata

  • Jun 04 2022

    Rasasutra - The Inauguration

    EZCC, Kolkata

  • Mar 13 2021

    Unidentified by Moses

    Five Mad Men, Kolkata

  • Dec 26 2020

    Cymbal Rotations #1

    Moolsagar, Jaisalmer

  • Feb 20 2020


    Phoenix Bar & Lounge, Kolkata

  • Sep 14 2019

    Krunk Residency

    Topcat CCU, Kolkata

  • Aug 31 2019

    Locals AnR

    Mango Kitchen & Bar, New Delhi

  • Jul 20 2019

    The Arthall

    Echoes, Kolkata

  • May 31 2019


    Phoenix Bar & Lounge, Kolkata

  • May 15 2019

    Overdose Nights

    Levels the Club, Kolkata

  • Mar 30 2019

    Kolkata Loves Techno

    Lords & Barons, Kolkata

  • 1–3 Mar 2019

    Locals District

    Castle Kalwar, Jaipur

  • Aug 10 2018


    Phoenix Bar & Lounge, Kolkata

  • Mar 17 2018

    Radio City Freedom Awards Showcase

    Phoenix Bar & Lounge, Kolkata

  • Jan 12 2018


    Phoenix Bar & Lounge, Kolkata

  • Jun 09 2017

    Make Believe by Gently Altered

    Bonobo, Mumbai

  • Ap 08 2017

    Fractal by Afterworx

    The Bartender, Bangalore

  • Feb 17 2017

    Free Flow Traffic Bar

    Free Flow Traffic Bar, Hyderabad

  • Dec 17 2016

    Border Movement Lounge VI

    Hooghly Jute Mills, Kolkata

  • Mar 12 2016

    Kitty Su Popup

    Lalit The Great Eastern, Kolkata

  • Sep 26 2015

    Sunday Sunsets

    Afraa Lounge & Bar, Kolkata

  • Aug 28 2015


    Aqua, The Park Hotel, Hyderabad

  • Jun 12 2015

    Summer House Cafe

    Summer House Cafe, New Delhi

  • May 09 2015

    Border Movement Lounge III

    Veda Lounge, Kolkata

  • 22 Feb 2015

    Route 2 Festival

    Babli Farms, Bolpur

  • Sep 20 2014

    Border Movement Lounge I

    Burdwan Palace, Kolkata

Aneesh and Soumajit